We accept western union, Money Gram, Credit Card, PP payment. We will give you 10% discount for western union payment.

Here are the details for how to pay it by western union.

Tip: Western Union Payment Skills

First, you could go to the local bank or post office to fill the Western Union Money transfer number and send MTCN (money transfer control number) to us.

Second, How to Send money online using a Visa or MasterCard or debit card

Click the link: 

Register to be a member on Western Union website step by step

1, click the "send now" and choose the country you live in

2 click the right column "register now" fill all the info which mark *

Finally go to the next page and finish the last registration, the Western Union website will send you a verified number, once you get and enter it on website, your credit card and debit card can be used for online payment then, do not forget to tell us the MTCN.

This is our western union payment details below: Please fill the right name, so we can get your payment.

First name: Chun Lai

Last name: Zheng

City: putian

Post code: 351100

Country: china

2. Provide us with your necessary details allow us to receive your payment:

Sender first name:

Sender last name:

Amount (in us dollar):

Sender country:

Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for 10 numbers

At last, Once we confirm your payment with Western Union, we will ship your order, This may take 24-48hours after you pay Western Union. And then we will email you the tracking number!